Infogroup sold Bartók Court I

In strategic cooperation, Infogroup sold Bartók Court I office building to one its Hungarian-owned investment partner. Infogroup has vested interest in the long-term development and management of Bartók Udvar Office Park.

High-level management of Bartók Court I is greatly important to the Buyer, thus they entrusted Infogroup – within a the long-term strategic partnership – with the asset management of the building.

“Infogroup considers Bartók Court Office Park as one if its most important projects.  This transaction is the result of continous development and high-level management. Our long-term commitment to the Office Park is demonstrated by the development of Bartók Court II/A, which will be completed by the end of this year and that we also were entrusted with the  asset management of Bartók Court I.” – said Ádám Székely, general manager of Infogroup.